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Sridevi 2024

Sridevi Prasanna, a captivating Telugu drama, defies conventional notions of love and romance. Despite familial pressures, the protagonists embark on a journey to discover a connection that transcends societal norms. Let’s delve into the cast, story, box office collection, budget, release date, and the intriguing trailer of this cinematic gem.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorKiran Prasad
CastAnukriti Sharma

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The film features a talented ensemble cast, including:

  • Sulabha Arya
  • Siddharth Bodke
  • Siddharth Chandekar


The narrative revolves around Sridevi and Prasanna, two souls entangled in the complexities of love. Their paths cross unexpectedly, leading to a unique bond that challenges societal expectations. As they navigate their feelings, they redefine the very essence of romance. The film beautifully portrays their emotional journey, emphasizing the power of authenticity and vulnerability.

Box Office and Budget:

Sridevi Prasanna has garnered significant attention at the box office. Although it doesn’t boast record-breaking numbers, its impact on audiences is undeniable. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Worldwide Gross Collection: ₹19.48 crore (approximately US$2.4 million)
  • Budget: The production costs remain undisclosed, but the film’s modest budget allowed it to focus on storytelling rather than extravagant visuals.

Final Thoreau:

Sridevi Prasanna stands as a testament to the power of love in all its forms. Director Vishal Modhave and writer Aditi Moghe have crafted a heartfelt story that resonates with viewers. As you immerse yourself in this cinematic journey, prepare to witness a love story like no other—one that defies conventions and celebrates the beauty of human connections.



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