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Sadhu 2024 Telugu Movie Reviews In Filmyzilla

In the heart of the mystical Nilgiri hills, where ancient secrets whisper through the mist, director Ganganamoni Shekar weaves a captivating narrative in the Telugu film “Sadhu.” Set for release in early 2024, this movie promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, suspense, and spiritual awakening.

Release DateOct, 2024
CastNaga Babu, Archana, Rahul Dev

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  • Dhruva Sarja as Arjun: Our brooding protagonist, haunted by a tragic past.
  • Anveshi Jain as Vaibhavi: A mysterious woman with enigmatic powers.
  • Vaibhavi Shandilya as Chikkanna: Arjun’s loyal friend and comic relief.
  • Sadhu Kokila as Thoreau: The wise sage who holds the key to unraveling the film’s secrets.


The film opens with Arjun, a disillusioned journalist, seeking solace in the serene Nilgiri forests. His life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Vaibhavi, a recluse living in a secluded cave. She possesses an ancient manuscript that speaks of a lost civilization, hidden treasures, and a path to enlightenment.

As Arjun delves deeper into the manuscript, he uncovers a web of intrigue. The Nilgiri hills guard more than just mist; they conceal a portal to another dimension. Vaibhavi reveals that only a true “Sadhu” can unlock this portal and access its wisdom.

Box Office and Budget:

“Sadhu” boasts impressive production values, with breathtaking cinematography capturing the lush Nilgiri landscapes. The budget, estimated at ₹50 crore (approximately $6.3 million), reflects the commitment to visual excellence.

Final Thoreau:

As Arjun inches closer to unlocking the portal, Thoreau imparts his final wisdom: “The answers lie within, not in the external world. Seek truth, embrace your flaws, and become the Sadhu you were destined to be.”



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