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Oye Idiot 2024 Telugu Movie

When “Oye Idiot” was released in September 2023, Telugu fans were enthralled by its charming performances and humorous romantic comedy plot. The film, which Venkat Kadali directed, featured lead actor Yeshwanth Yejjavarapu in his feature film debut. With its youthful cast, lively soundtrack, and realistic plot, “Oye Idiot” won over audiences and did well at the box office.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorVenkat Kadali
CastYeshwanth Yejjavarapu, Trpti Shankhudhar
ProducerSathibabu Moturi, Srinubabu

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As Gopi Krishna is a carefree young man trying to find his way in life, Yeshwanth Yejjavarapu.

Tripti Shankhdhar plays Anu, a determined, aspirational woman with high standards.

Sunil Varma, the parent who encouraged Gopi.

As Raju, Praveen is Gopi’s closest friend.

GKV Prakash wrote the catchy soundtrack, while Varikonda Sai Charan wrote the lyrics.

The cinematography, which Suresh Chukkapalli did, captured the vivid sights of Hyderabad.


Gopi Krishna, sometimes lovingly referred to as “Gopi,” is a pleasant but aimless young man who is very much in the moment. Gopi relishes his carefree life, full of jokes and lighthearted fun, despite his father’s relentless effort to take control of it. His life changes course when he meets Anu, a driven individual committed to realising her goals. Despite having different characteristics, there is a spark that ignites between them. Gopi learns he must grow up and earn Anu’s love as his feelings for her strengthen. He sets out on a voyage of self-discovery and encounters difficulties along the road. The movie tackles love, aspiration, family, and self-belief while delivering a touching message about accepting responsibility while remaining true to yourself.

Budget and Box Office:

At the box office, “Oye Idiot” did poorly despite not being a huge smash. The movie made about ₹ ten crores on its claimed budget of ₹5 crores, leaving its producers with a small profit. “Oye Idiot” found its audience and made a name for itself as a pleasant and amusing cinematic experience, even though it may not have broken records.

Last Thoreau:

“Oye Idiot” deviates from the usual Telugu film industry by emphasising a straightforward but realistic tale. The movie makes an impression with its likeable characters, endearing acting, and upbeat soundtrack.



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