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Nuvvu Evaro Nenu Evaro 2024 Telugu Movie Reviews In Filmyzilla

“Nuvvu Evaro Nenu Evaro” is a heartwarming Telugu film that weaves together love, destiny, and the magic of human connections. Directed by the talented Vak Bhashkkar, this movie takes us on an emotional journey that transcends time and space.

Release DateSep, 2024
DirectorVak Bhashkkar
MusicRamana Sake
CastSuman shetty, Chitram Sreenu

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The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, each contributing their best to bring the characters to life:

  • Meghana Rai: As the spirited and independent protagonist, Meghana Rai delivers a captivating performance. Her expressive eyes convey a myriad of emotions, making her a relatable and endearing lead.
  • Chitram Seenu: Chitram Seenu, known for his impeccable comic timing, adds a delightful touch to the film. His chemistry with Meghana Rai is a highlight.
  • Suman Shetty: Suman Shetty’s portrayal of a wise old soul brings depth and wisdom to the narrative.


Set against the picturesque backdrop of a quaint village, “Nuvvu Evaro Nenu Evaro” unfolds like a cherished memory. The story revolves around Meghana (played by Meghana Rai), a young woman who stumbles upon an ancient diary in her ancestral home. As she delves into its pages, she discovers a love story that transcends time—a love that defies societal norms and expectations.

The diary belongs to Chitram Seenu’s character, a poet and dreamer from the past. His love for a mysterious woman, portrayed by Suman Shetty, unfolds through lyrical verses and stolen glances. Their love story is both passionate and poignant, filled with obstacles and sacrifices.

Box Office and Budget:

“Nuvvu Evaro Nenu Evaro” struck a chord with audiences, both young and old. Its unique blend of romance, nostalgia, and magical realism resonated deeply. The film garnered critical acclaim and raked in a commendable ₹50 crore (approximately US$6.3 million) at the box office. Considering its modest budget, this success is a testament to the power of storytelling.

Final Thoreau:

As we immerse ourselves in the world of “Nuvvu Evaro Nenu Evaro,” we can’t help but recall Henry David Thoreau’s words: “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” The film beautifully captures this sentiment, inviting us to believe in the extraordinary and cherish the ordinary moments that shape our lives.



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