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NKR 21 2024 Telugu Movie Reviews In Filmyzilla

NKR 21, directed by visionary filmmaker Ganganamoni Shekar, is a Telugu-language gem that has taken the audience by storm. With a stellar cast, an intriguing storyline, and impressive box office numbers, this film has left an indelible mark on Tollywood.

Release DateApril, 2024
DirectorPradeep Chulukuri
MusicB Ajaneesh Loknath
CastKalyan Ram, Salee Manjrekar, Vijayshanti

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The movie boasts an ensemble cast, featuring some of the industry’s finest talents:

  • Akash Goparaju: Our charismatic lead, who effortlessly brings depth to his character.
  • Bhavana Vazhapandal: The heart and soul of the film, her performance is nothing short of mesmerizing.
  • Mani Chandana: A revelation, her portrayal adds layers to the narrative.
  • Tanikella Bharani: A seasoned actor, Bharani’s presence elevates every scene.
  • Sammeta Gandhi: A surprise package, Gandhi shines in a pivotal role.


Set against the picturesque backdrop of rural Andhra Pradesh, NKR 21 weaves a tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption. The plot revolves around a young man named RK (played by Akash Goparaju), who discovers a hidden family secret. As he delves deeper into the past, he unravels a web of lies, betrayal, and long-lost connections.

The film beautifully juxtaposes tradition with modernity, exploring themes of identity, heritage, and the power of forgiveness. The emotional rollercoaster keeps the audience hooked from start to finish.

Box Office and Budget:

NKR 21 struck gold at the box office, becoming one of the highest-grossing Tollywood films of 2024. Its worldwide collection stands at a staggering ₹330 crore (approximately US$41 million). The film’s budget was a modest ₹4 crore, proving that compelling storytelling can triumph over extravagant budgets.

Final Thoreau:

NKR 21 is more than just a movie; it’s an experience. It reminds us of our roots, celebrates our culture, and tugs at our heartstrings. As the credits roll, we’re left pondering life’s complexities and the enduring power of love.



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