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Hormones 2024 Telugu Movie

Those who enjoy Telugu films, get ready! A 2024 drama about coming of age, “Hormones,” is set to send you on a wild voyage through adolescence. Fast-forward to the cast, plot, release information, box office results, and reviews of this fascinating movie.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorDr Anand Islavath
MusicParveen Lakkaraju
CastSantosh, Anuya Reddy, Diksha Panth

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“Hormones” features a youthful cast entireof up-and-coming talents eager to make their mark in the Telugu cinema industry. The film’s leading ladies are Anuhya Reddy, who steals the show as the vibrant and independent Riya, and Santhosh, who performs as the protagonist, Arjun. Veteran actors Jayaprakash and Rao Ramesh give weight to important supporting roles. Diksha Panth and Amrutha deepen the character of Arjun’s encouraging pals.


Arjun, a regular adolescent navigating the complicated world of school, friendships, and the perplexing first feelings of love, is the movie’s main character. He can’t help but be pulled to Riya—a bold, self-assured young woman who challenges his assumptions. As their relationship grows more robust, they deal with societal expectations, worries about their grades, and the turbulent feelings accompanying growing up. “Hormones” explores themes of identity exploration, teenage rebellion, and self-discovery, making it relevant to a broad range of viewers.

Budget and Box Office:

“Hormones” debuted in February 2024 and created a lot of talk because of its young, skilled cast and relatable plot. Official box office results aren’t available to the public. Still, industry reports indicate it had a respectable opening weekend, doing exceptionally well with younger people.

“Hormones” was produced by N S Nayak and directed by the rookie Dr. Anand Islavath. Praveen Lakkaraju wrote the music. The film had a modest budget because its primary goals were to tell a touching story and highlight the young cast’s skills.

Last Thoreau:

“Hormones” may not be a revolutionary film, but it does provide a poignant and realistic portrayal of adolescence. The film effectively connected with its intended audience thanks to its strong cast, gripping narrative, and eye-catching trailer, which elevated it to a notable position in the Telugu coming-of-age drama genre. “Hormones” is a beautiful cinematic experience, whether you’re seeking a nostalgic stroll down memory lane or a peek into the lives of contemporary teens.



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