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Gud Morning 2024 Telugu Movie

Their professional partnership gradually develops into a more intimate bond throughout a significant project. Their coffee breaks became late-night conversations where they opened up about their vulnerabilities and unspoken goals. A spark blossoms between them through profound chats and sly glances. Their developing passion, meanwhile, has several challenges. Anju’s sophisticated urban existence contrasts with Sid’s rural upbringing, raising concerns about societal acceptance. The pressures of Anju’s conservative family and her aspirational job path compound the situation. Vikram, a rival who comes across as charming and wealthy, tempts Anju with the promise of a stable future.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorMurali Gandharva
MusicRavi Kalyan
CastVeerat Vellanki, Prakruti

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Siddharth, sometimes known as Sid, is a lovely and aspirational young guy from a rural background who approaches busy city life with a bright and optimistic gaze.

A self-reliant, motivated professional woman, Anjali (Anju) needs help to balance her aspirations and societal norms.

Rahul: Sid’s colourful best friend, offering wise (if frequently incorrect) counsel and comic relief.

Lakshmi: Anju’s conventional yet loving mother who worries about her daughter’s decisions.

Vikram is a wealthy, arrogant businessman who stands in for social pressures and fights for Anju’s attention.


The rich tapestry of Hyderabad creates the ideal environment for Sid and Anju’s budding romance. After graduating from college, Sid comes to the metropolis with aspirations of becoming a successful IT sector figure. After landing a job at a startup, he meets Anju, a driven and astute marketing executive.

Budget and Box Office:

Their early exchanges are characterised by lighthearted humour and camaraderie. Anju finds herself attracted by Sid’s grounded nature and unwavering optimism. At the same time, Sid is drawn to Anju’s sharp wit and independent spirit.

Last Thoreau:

The fundamental themes of “Good Morning 2024” are love, sacrifice, and self-discovery—the universal yet appealing elements prevalent in many Telugu romance films, even though the tale is still purely hypothetical. Because it explores societal pressures, celebrates cultural values, and eventually reaffirms the ability of true love to conquer all, this story strikes a chord with audiences.



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