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Amma Yellamma 2024 Telugu Movie

Give a brief synopsis of the film, including the title, genre, and projected release date (if any).

Mention any well-known performers, filmmakers, or production companies that worked on the movie.

Showcase special features or themes that have been made public to create enthusiasm.

Release DateDec, 2024
CastBaby Bhavana, Dheeraja

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Enumerate the principal performers and actresses, mentioning any noteworthy parts they played in earlier movies (if any).

If feasible, include a brief biography of the music’s director, writer, and composer, emphasizing their prior successes.

Refrain from revealing unconfirmed cast or crew names.


Give a brief synopsis of the film’s concept without giving away significant narrative details or surprises.

Pay attention to topics that have been made public, like coming-of-age stories, social challenges, and family dynamics.

You can discuss the main struggle (overcoming obstacles, realizing dreams) and the general environment (rural village, bustling city).

Budget and Box Office:

If the film has already been released, discuss its current box office receipts, which should come from dependable sources.

You are free to distribute the budget information if it is publicly available.

Refrain from speculating on box office receipts or budgetary spec



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