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Aham Brahmasmi 2024

“Aham Brahmasmi,” directed by Karthik Gattamneni, is an action-packed thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Released in February 2024, this Telugu-language film weaves together elements of suspense, drama, and intrigue. Let’s delve into the world of “Aham Brahmasmi” and explore its cast, storyline, box office performance, and more.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorSrijanth N Reddy
MusicAchu Rajamani
CastManchu Manoj, Priya Bhawani

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  • Ravi Teja portrays the enigmatic protagonist, Sahadev Varma, alias “Eagle.” His portrayal is intense and captivating.
  • Kavya Thapar plays Rachana, a character entangled in Sahadev’s dangerous mission.
  • Anupama Parameswaran shines as Nalini, a journalist who stumbles upon Sahadev’s secret.
  • Navdeep adds depth to the narrative as Jai, Sahadev’s loyal friend and associate.


The film introduces us to Sahadev Varma, a notorious professional assassin known as “Eagle.” His mission: dismantle the illegal arms trade. To achieve this, he adopts an unexpected disguise—a cotton farmer in the serene Talakona region. From there, he intercepts all illicit arms transactions.

Nalini, an intrepid journalist, writes a news report about Sahadev’s rare cotton, which has high demand abroad. Her investigation leads her to uncover Sahadev’s true identity. As she digs deeper, she unravels the enigma behind his motives.

Box Office and Budget:

“Aham Brahmasmi” was made on a budget of ₹35 crore. Despite mixed reviews from critics and audiences, it managed to rake in ₹50 crore at the box office. The clash of multiple films during the Sankranti weekend led to a slight delay in its release, but the film eventually hit theaters on 9th February 2024.

Final Thoreau:

“Aham Brahmasmi” transcends conventional action thrillers, blending espionage, redemption, and unexpected twists. Ravi Teja’s portrayal of Sahadev Varma, the elusive “Eagle,” leaves a lasting impression. As the film unfolds, it invites viewers to question motives, loyalty, and the thin line between hero and anti-hero.



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