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28 Gegree Celsius 2024

Release Date: While this is a fictional movie, let’s imagine it premieres on Dec 14th, 2024, playing on the connection between the title’s temperature and the romantic holiday.

Release Date14 Dec, 2024
DirectorDr. Anil Viswanath
ProducerSai Abhishek
CastNaveen Chandra, Shallni Vadnikatti

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  • Nitya Menon: A vivacious young doctor named Meghana, known for her dedication and sharp wit.
  • Adivi Sesh: A brooding yet enigmatic writer named Surya, harboring a secret past.
  • Prakash Raj: A seasoned police officer, Inspector Varma, investigating a series of seemingly unrelated events.
  • Rao Ramesh: An eccentric scientist, Dr. Rao, conducting experiments with mind-altering technology.
  • Anasuya Bharadwaj: Meghana’s supportive best friend, Aisha, always offering a dose of reality.


The sweltering heat of Hyderabad pulsates in the background as the lives of Meghana, Surya, Varma, Dr. Rao, and Aisha intertwine in a gripping mystery. Meghana, while treating patients at a local hospital, starts experiencing strange visions seemingly triggered by the scorching 28-degree Celsius temperature. These visions hint at hidden dangers and unsettling truths.

Surya, seeking inspiration for his next novel, stumbles upon cryptic clues during his research, which eerily mirror Meghana’s visions. Drawn by an unexplainable connection, their paths collide, and they decide to unravel the mystery together.

Box Office and Budget:

Since this is a hypothetical movie, predicting box office performance is impossible. However, considering the popularity of the lead actors and the intriguing premise, it’s reasonable to imagine it attracting a significant audience within India. As for the budget, it could range from moderate to large depending on the scale of the production and visual effects.

Final Thoreau:

Without an actual trailer, I can’t describe its content. However, imagine a fast-paced montage showcasing the scorching Hyderabad heat, glimpses of Meghana’s visions, Surya’s determined investigation, and Varma’s pursuit of the truth. Interwoven with snippets of action sequences and emotional moments, the trailer would leave viewers hooked, thirsting to unravel the mystery of the 28 degrees.



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